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Gradating Elegance
Spiraling Along
Myriad of Chains
Royal Ribbons
Garden of Ruffles

Natural Treasures Cabs
Octopus' Garden
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Catch the Swirls

Until We Meet Again
Interlocking Pendant
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Eruption Bracelet New for 2019

Create a bracelet accented with gemstones, pearls, Swarovski crystals and glass beads all erupting from a unique Artist-made cab, which I designed.  Further embellish your one of a kind bracelet with picos containing even more accent beads.  Create a right angle weave strap with peyote spirals to complete your artsy bracelet.  Two sizes of cabs will be available in a variety of colors.  Drill holes and bead embroider around an odd shaped cab and attach various accent beads.  Use peyote and right angle weave stitch techniques along with different size beads to create a spiral-embellished strap.


Gradating Elegance New for 2019

Blend tubular peyote stitch, bead embroidery and right angle weave to create a stunning centerpiece necklace with graduated beads from light to dark.  Bezel ruffles in an unusual way by combining the two stitches and the color formations.  Students will learn to bezel a cab with ruffles, cup chain and crystals to your bead work.  Play with colors as you gradate them within the design, learning how to keep the balance.






Spiraling Along New for 2019

Using right angle weave, create an elegant three-strand bracelet. Add some depth to the spirals with crystals making the piece sparkle.  Attach a clasp to this elegant piece so it will be ready-to-wear day or night. This is a great go-to piece in your bead wardrobe.
Learn to spiral tubular right angle weave tubes so they lay side by side or can interlock with each other.  Attach a clasp to finish the look.






Myriad of Chains New for 2019

Chains galore abound this necklace using variations of flat right angle weave techniques. A bead cap adorns each side of this multi-strand necklace. To top it off, there is a hidden clasp you will learn to create as part of the process. Not only do the five different chains make a fabulous piece in and of itself, you can use the techniques taught in this workshop to make chain(s) for your other pendants and beads. The possibilities are endless.




Royal Ribbons Necklace New for 2018

An abundance of spirals come together in one necklace to create a piece with eclectic twists and turns.  Create the necklace in its entirety, then use this fun and addictive technique to make beautiful accent pieces such as bracelets and earrings to accompany it. 
Use peyote stitch techniques along with different size beads to create spirals.  Learn how to adjoin them to make an elegant neckpiece and other design options.





Garden of Ruffles Necklace

Ruffles abound in this stunning piece created in flat and tubular peyote.  Create a centerpiece with a ruffle bezel to add that perfect finishing touch to this soft and frilly eye-catching necklace.
It’s ruffles galore as you create several different types of ruffles, and embellish a stunning crystal centerpiece with ruffles.  Learn how to zip flat right angle weave into tubular and twist around silver silk cords in a way that enhances this piece.

Octopus' Garden

Octopus’ Garden
Create “fantasy” octopus centerpieces with curling tendrils and an artist-made sparkly clay cab.  Offset the piece with a flowing pearl strap, enhancing the beauty of the sea creatures stitched within the necklace.  Learn to accent the beauty of the piece by backstitching around the cab and to use various size seed beads to create the octopus-like necklace components.




Natural Treasure Cabs

Learn how to make your very own crystal clay cabs using molds  (Use one of my molds or create your own.). Accent these elegant treasures with cup chain and vintage pieces and color them with mica powder all while learning how to adjoin them for an elegant treasured look.  
Students will learn how to make molds of existing treasures such as buttons, shells, druzies, etc. and capture them in crystal clay.  Bead embroidery techniques will be used to join the necklace and its component


Pagoda Earrings New for 2019

Create a structured earring based on Eastern Asian tradition of the pagoda.  Using tubular peyote stitch as the base, build a monumental piece combining seed beads and Swarovski crystals for that sparkly touch.  Accent the piece with pearls to refine its look.  The results will be a beautiful pair of earrings with an “East Meets West” feel.



Until We Meet Again

Create a stunning two-tone necklace in right angle weave.  Learn techniques to make the stitching form a wavy pattern that ebbs and flows with the design.  Accent the piece with pearls and a large crystal center drop for that perfect finishing touch. Complete your necklace by making a toggle clasp and a bail giving it that extra splash of ambience.




Catch the Swirls Necklace

Add peyote ruffles to tubular RAW to create a dimensional necklace with an organic feel. Vary the bead sizes and stitches within the structure to give the piece a flow that mimics the wonders of the wilderness.  Learn tips and tricks to blend the stitches together to create this bold piece that expresses the beauty of nature in bead work.




Interlocking Pendant 

Create flat peyote spirals that can be interlocked together in many ways.  Manipulate the pieces in different shapes for endless design possibilities.  Accent your piece with Swarovski pearls and a crystal drop.  The kit contains enough materials to make two pendants and instructions for different design options.  Bet you can’t make just one! 



Bird LizardPsycho_Kitty.jpg.jpg


Learn to make beaded creatures that will become beloved family pets. Using many variations of the peyote stitch, create unique freeform sculptures that stand without an armature. The same technique can also be used for creating beaded beads. This is a two day intermediate level workshop.
























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